Shruti Ambavat joins the team as Communications & Engagement Executive

Welcome to the team, Shruti!

Shruti Ambavat recently joined the Diversity Mark team as a Communications and Engagement Executive. We are delighted to welcome Shruti on board as she gets to know our signatories and starts to support them on their EDI journeys.

Shruti took five minutes after her first week to tell us a little more about herself.

Can you give a brief outline of your career to date?

I moved to Northern Ireland with my partner a little over five years ago after a decade of experience in journalism and consulting firms such as KPMG back in Mumbai, India. I worked in the research and communications field for almost four years consulting with a global investment bank before recently joining Diversity Mark to facilitate and support companies in achieving their EDI goals.

What were your favorite subjects at school?

Geography and History

If you weren’t doing this role what would you like to do?

I would always be supporting and consulting companies with their EDI goals in some shape or form.

Describe your ideal day off?

Sitting in a quiet café, reading a book and listening to some jazz or going to a beach on a warm day and just enjoying the water.

So far what do you think you are going to enjoy the most?

Talking to our signatories and learning more about their work.

What is the one piece of advice you would give to yourself on your first day?

Be ready to learn!

If you are a Diversity Mark Signatory and would like to engage with Shruti please reach out on or alternatively to stay up to date with all things Diversity Mark please click here to sign up to our newsletter.

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