The Utility Regulator Join Diversity Mark Accreditation Programme

We are delighted to welcome on board the Utility Regulator as Diversity Mark’s newest signatory. The Utility Regulator is responsible for regulating the electricity, gas, water and sewerage industries in Northern Ireland and promoting the short- and long-term interests of consumers. The team are eager to continue their Diversity and Inclusion journey by working towards achieving the Bronze Diversity Mark Accreditation. The accreditation is based around three gender based targets that provide a framework for measurable and progressive success moving forward.

Their recently appointed CEO, John French has taken the time to explain how important it was for the organisation to sign up to Diversity Mark.

John French CEO at Utility Regulator is delighted to champion the organisations diversity and inclusion programme
John French, CEO at Utility Regulator

What prompted you as Chief Executive of the Utility Regulator to join the Diversity Mark Accreditation Programme?

Previously as Chief Executive of The Consumer Council, I and the team there, had been successful in gaining the Bronze Diversity Mark. I felt that within The Consumer Council the Diversity Mark Accreditation Programme had been an important step in the organisation’s development. The Diversity Mark process actively and positively changed many internal conversations. The Programme showed that there was a genuine commitment throughout the organisation to be inclusive, and that commitment in turn increased trust, and developed a unified sense of purpose. Therefore, in my new role as Chief Executive of the Utility Regulator, I thought that committing to the Diversity Mark Accreditation Programme was an important step in recognising the importance of diversity and inclusion within organisations, and that it could be used as a driver for generating an more inclusive culture.

What do you see as the main benefits in working towards achieving and maintaining the Diversity Mark accreditation?

Working towards the Diversity Mark accreditation provides staff and external stakeholders a visible sign of an organisation’s commitment to diversity and inclusion. It shows that everyone within the organisation is valued.    

Would you recommend the accreditation programme to others?

I would absolutely recommend the Diversity Mark accreditation programme to other organisations. The programme provides a helpful approach that enables structured and meaningful discussions around diversity and inclusion to take place in the workplace. 

Thank you to John French, we are thrilled to have the Utility Regulator on board as a Diversity Mark Signatory.

Utility Regulator for electricity water and gas in Northern Ireland join Diversity Mark accreditation programme.

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Deloitte awarded Silver Diversity Mark for commitment to diversity and inclusion in the workplace

Joanna Karlic and Kerrie Irvine from the Deloitte team with their Silver Award for Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace
Joanna Karlic and Kerrie Irvine from the Deloitte team with their Silver Award for Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

Professional services firm Deloitte has become only the third company in Northern Ireland to be awarded a Silver Mark for diversity and inclusion practices by awarding body, Diversity Mark NI.

It is currently the highest level available, and to date only Allstate NI and Danske Bank have received the accolade.

Assessors commended the firm’s efforts to create a more diverse and inclusive workplace, with Deloitte’s Belfast Balance team recognised for its hard work and commitment to driving the respect and inclusion and wellbeing agendas.

Jackie Henry, office senior partner at Deloitte in Belfast said: “This validates the effort so many people in the team have put in to ensure we are an employer that walks the walk on diversity and inclusion and doesn’t just talk about it to tick a box.

“We will work hard to make sure we keep evolving as an employer and remain committed to improving our workplace and culture even further so that every colleague continues to feel valued, respected and able to be themselves at Deloitte.”

Christine White, head of business from Diversity Mark NI added: “Our independent assessment panel commended Deloitte on a comprehensive submission and recognised that they are delivering on a wide-ranging inclusion agenda which is both meaningful and responsive to the need of their employees.

“We congratulate everyone at Deloitte on this achievement and look forward to working with them on their Diversity journey over the next number of years striving towards the Gold Diversity Mark.”

Diversity Mark applications are assessed by an independent panel of experts, who looked at a number of Deloitte’s diversity initiatives.

Among these were Deloitte’s ambitious UK wide targets for gender balance over the next three to 10 years, with an ultimate goal of 50-50 gender balance across all grades by 2030.

Deloitte’s gender balance network in Belfast holds regular events to promote female role models locally and to help develop women in the firm.

The application also highlighted a commitment to meaningful interventions on ethnic diversity across the firm, including voluntarily reporting on the firm’s ethnicity pay gap, and renewing its employee life-cycle processes to remove any bias.

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