JP Corry achieve Bronze Diversity Mark Accreditation

Diversity Mark are delighted that JP Corry have recently been awarded the Bronze Diversity Mark Accreditation in recognition of their ongoing commitment to diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

The commitment to promoting greater gender equality within an inclusive environment in JP Corry is highlighted by this accreditation which shows an acceptance of every individual’s differences and a motivation for all employees to achieve their full potential, alongside the progress of the company.

By valuing differences among the workforce and what each person is able to contribute via their own unique experiences, JP Corry have been able to see positive impacts on work, other employees, motivation, productivity and customer experience and are particularity pleased in receiving this accolade as it indicates a move away from traditional barriers to people joining the construction sector workforce.

Huge congratulations to all the team at JP Corry on this achievement.

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Bronze Diversity Mark Accreditation awarded to Mills Selig

Congratulations to Mills Selig who have been awarded the Bronze Diversity Mark in recognition of the law firm’s ongoing commitment to gender equality.

(L-R) Rebecca Logan, Solicitor, Mark Thompson, Senior Associate, Anne Skeggs, Partner and Head of Property and Peter Cashel, Solicitor, Mills Selig.

The local law firm which specialises in all matters of corporate law received the award following an independent assessment process which reviewed and evaluated their commitment to advancing diversity and inclusion.

With over 60 years in business, Mills Selig has frequently paid homage to its team for their continued growth and success. Many members of the team have been with the firm for a decade or longer, a testament to the strong ethics of entire Mills Selig team. With a majority female board, Mills Selig prides itself on awarding employees on the basis of meritocracy alone.

Welcoming the bronze accreditation and looking to the future of the firm, Anne Skeggs, Head of Property and Partner said:

“Receiving the bronze accreditation is excellent recognition of how we live out our values and how we operate as a team. Mills Selig is continuously evolving, growing and expanding and we want to continue adjusting and improving the working environment to ensure all our employee needs are met in an inclusive way.

“We recognise and understand that by developing a strong diversity and inclusion strategy, our team will grow, flourish and benefit as a result.”

The Diversity Mark Accreditation is a ‘Mark of Progress’ that publicly declares commitment to building more diverse and inclusive workplaces to benefit all employees.

Congratulating Mills Selig on their bronze accreditation, Nuala Murphy from Diversity Mark said:

“We are delighted that Mills Selig has been awarded the Bronze Diversity Mark Accreditation for their commitment to advancing Diversity in the workplace. Awarded by our Independent Assessment Panel who commended the organised approach being taken which involves visible leadership throughout the organisation and the inclusion of staff at all levels. Huge congratulations to everyone at Mills Selig on this progressive achievement.”

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Diversity, Equality and Inclusion: Good for Business

Interim Head of Business Nuala Murphy takes a look at why diversity, equality and inclusion have never been more important.

‘Supporting women in work to achieve their ambitions, whatever they may be, has been a focus of mine over the past eight years through my voluntary capacity as a Lean In Network leader. We have seen thousands of women from across all industries benefit from being part of the Lean In Circle programme in their communities and organisations.

Nuala Murphy, Interim Head of Business at Diversity Mark

The benefits have seen eight out of 10 women saying that being part of a supportive group has had a positive impact on their lives, in work we have seen those who wanted a promotion, change in working patterns or indeed change in career, fulfil their goals.

Companies with more women on their boards, perform better. Mixed gender startups raise more money and build more inclusive products. More diverse teams perform better.

Since taking up my role with Diversity Mark, I have been encouraged to see the commitment among the growing number of signatories to their ‘Mark of Progress’ across Ireland and the UK. There is no doubt the pandemic shone a light on the disproportioned work women do at home and in work compared to male colleagues and partners and as such, leaders had to take heed and find ways to better support and enable their employees.

According to the McKinsey Women In The Workplace study 2021: “At a time when the stakes have never been higher, women are showing up as better people-focused leaders and stronger advocates for diversity, equality and inclusion (DEI) they are more likely, than men at their levels, to take consistent steps to promote employee well-being, such as checking in on their team members and helping them manage their workloads.

“They are also more likely to support DEI initiatives and to be active allies to women of colour. But although this work drives better outcomes for all employees, it is going largely overlooked by companies.”

The key findings

More than 90% of companies track women’s overall representation, but only 65% track gender differences in promotion rates.

Almost 70% of companies hold senior leaders accountable for progress on diversity goals – but only 30% hold managers, who play a critical role in hiring and promotion decisions, accountable. Only 34% of employees have participated in anti-racism training in the past year.

Senior-level women are twice as likely as senior-level men to spend substantial time on DEI work that falls outside their formal job responsibilities.

Some 86% of companies say it’s “very or extremely” critical that managers support their team members’ well-being, but only twenty-five percent formally recognise those who do this – and a similar trend holds for DEI work.

When managers take action to promote employee well-being and companies prioritise DEI, employees are happier, less burned out, and less likely to consider leaving their company.

To drive change, companies need to invest deeply in all aspects of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

To improve representation of all women across the pipeline, companies need to double down on reducing bias in reviews and promotions, and they need to hold leaders and managers accountable for progress. But diversity in numbers isn’t enough. Companies also need to create a culture that fully leverages the benefits of diversity – one in which women, and all employees, feel comfortable bringing their unique ideas, perspectives, and experiences to the table.

What action can we take?

You can start and continue your own journey by joining the rapidly growing Diversity Mark community of signatories across Ireland and the UK and commit to building a more diverse and inclusive workplace where all employees can feel valued and supported to do their best work. We want to support you and enable your success in this area. Not only will it help you attract and retain staff, but it will contribute to building a more equal, representative and inclusive society that at the end of the day is good for our economy.’

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‘The Business case for Diversity and Inclusion’ panel at Digital DNA

This week Diversity Mark hosted a panel “The business case for Diversity & Inclusion” at Northern Irelands largest tech event Digital DNA. Thanks to the fantastic panelists Gareth Quinn, Ritu Bhatt and Fergal McFerran for joining and imparting their advice, experience and practical tips to our audience. Our Interim Head of Business Nuala Murphy led the conversation. See her wrap up below.  

Nuala Murphy, Fergal McFerran, Ritu Bhatt and Gareth Quinn speaking at Digital DNA Event, Belfast.

Gareth Quinn shared the need for a diverse team to represent his diverse customers for KairosTech Solutions, a scheduling platform for elite athletes. He shared his challenges of being in tech, sports tech and how recruitment has been tough. I mentioned networks like Women of Wearables (WoW)® and connecting up with individuals such as Marija Butkovic.

We all know Gareth Quinn as founder of Digital DNA. Indeed it’s how we first met when he asked me to be on panel for marketing while I was Head of Marketing at Totalmobile Ltd. Back then Gareth understood the need to have more representation at conferences and ensured focus was placed on that each year. As someone who walks the walk when it comes to the business of Diversity and Inclusion, he shared just how tough it is and how he continually tries to do better.

Ritu Bhatt MD of iEngageIT a tech company that is diverse by nature with teams in Belfast, London, India and soon to be Belgium, shared her motivation to start brownscafe to celebrate the successes of brown and non white people in Northern Ireland and the need to inspire the younger generation. She also shared the reality that smaller businesses see D&I as an overhead but if you are thinking of building a global company you need to have D&I embedded in your culture right across the board.

Businesses need to create safe spaces for all staff to feel a sense of belonging. The business benefits are clear; better performance, higher returns, more product teams, more innovation, staff retention….the list goes on. So why is it so tough?

Fergal McFerran from Stonewall a non profit that stands for lesbian, gay, bi, trans, queer, questioning and ace (LGBTQ+) people everywhere, shared how organisations are afraid to get things wrong. He suggests they listen to their staff and understand them and what they need. He also shared the importance of commitment right across the board and true collaboration with organisations and groups. What does that look like? Accepting getting things wrong is part of the process but listening and basing action on insights will see change.

As an independent assessor with Diversity Mark he talked about the importance to start on a structured journey, to focus on one or two things and do them well. Spreading yourself too thinly doesn’t bring success. Personally, as interim head at Diversity Mark I have seen a shift from “good thing to do” to “business need” when it comes to company’s trying to build more diverse teams, boards and organisations. It’s a no brainer for sure and I’m encouraged to see commitment in this area.

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Diversity Mark kick off Autumn Series of Events

Last week saw the launch of key events for Diversity Mark as we kicked off our autumn series of events for signatories existing and new.

Nuala Murphy, Interim Head of Business and Emma Lyttle Engagement Manager at Diversity Mark at Glandore offices Fitzwilliam Hall, Dublin.

First event was the Meet the Team hosted by Nuala Murphy Interim Head of Business and Emma Lyttle, Engagement Manager.

Thank you to everyone that attended. The purpose of the session was to give our signatories the opportunity to meet with the team and for us to understand how we can support you each on your diversity and inclusion journeys. Noting each organisation is starting from a different place but understanding the power of learning and sharing together.

Through the breakout rooms we learned the top challenges for businesses right now and discussed active ways to navigate challenges in recruitment, flexible working and aspirations for building more diverse teams, organisations and businesses.

The event covered the Diversity Mark accreditation process and laid out the numerous steps to achieving the different stages. It also provided the opportunity for signatories to break out into small groups to discuss their industry and organisational challenges as well as a safe space to ask for help of other organisations further down their journey. Key suggestions were around language used in recruitment adds to ensure inclusion and attraction of more females in tech, and the use of the Gender bias decoder and Finding subtle bias in job ads

Discussion around the gender pay gap as well as bias and awareness training for all managers in an organisation wanted to build a more equal workplace. Do check out the Women In the Workplace 2021 report launched with Lean In and McKinsey on Monday past for more on this.

We ended the week with the first Diversity Mark round table at our Dublin office Glandore 25-27, Fitzwilliam Hall, Dublin, D2.

A Coffee Power Hour it sure was as we welcomed industry peers for an introduction to Diversity Mark as well as an opportunity to hear what is pressing for their organisations, community groups and business practices. Connecting people and educating on all areas of diversity created a wonderful safe environment to understand the key concerns and opportunities that we as the awarding body of the Diversity Mark Accreditation can instigate change. We look forward to hosting monthly meetings and would love to see you there and have some exciting partnerships to announce very soon. Sign up to our newsletter and be the first to know. Click here to sign up

If you have not yet joined Diversity Mark on your company’s Diversity and Inclusion journey please reach out to to discuss the benefits and process.

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