The Diversity Mark accreditation

The Diversity Mark accreditation is the ‘Mark of Progress’ that allows you to demonstrate to employees and suppliers your commitment to creating an inclusive & diverse workplace.

Registering isn’t just about getting the badge and ticking a box – it is about setting solid foundations that will help you build a better workplace environment, where individuals feel valued, are treated fairly and have equal opportunities.

Our accreditation framework and process has been designed to help you set realistic targets and our independent assessment panel provide expert annual feedback to continually support you on your journey.

The Process


After you have registered, we will send the charter to your CEO or chair to sign. Once received, we will provide you with the Bronze Diversity Mark application pack for completion. You can read the charter by clicking here.

Set your targets

Gather information about your current diversity practices and analyse where your business is at today. This will allow you to set 3 gender diversity targets. Submit these targets to our independent assessment panel.

Independent review, feedback and accreditation

We will review your application and contact you with any queries to maximise the chances of approval. Once your submission is approved by our panel, you will be sent written feedback to help your businesses achieve your set targets over the next 12 months and receive your accreditation.

Our team will help you at every step

The Independent Assessment Panel

The independent assessment panel is what really makes the Diversity Mark accreditation such a respected mark of progress. It is the only accreditation where award applications and annual reports are assessed independently by assessors, and not just by the Diversity Mark team.

Our Independent Assessors bring a highly robust standard to the accreditation process. The panel is made up of business experts who are all incredibly passionate about being involved in making a positive impact on our economy and society through diversity.

Accreditation Awards

Everyone’s journey begins with Bronze and this accreditation recognises commitment to advancing Gender Diversity. As your business progresses, you can achieve the Silver and Gold accreditations. Organisations must submit annual progress reports with a full assessment each year.


Size of organisation by number of employees1-5051-250251+
Annual Membership Fee£1000/€1200£2500/€3000£5000/€6000
Size of organisation by number of employeesAnnual Membership Fee

Signatories – You’re in good hands

Join our signatories and see how accreditation can help your business address diversity in the workplace

Diversity Buddies

We understand how daunting D&I can be. To help you at every step, we have enlisted the skills of people who have done this already and are reaping the benefits. Please meet our Diversity Buddies.

All of our buddies are incredibly passionate about the benefits that diversity and inclusion brings, and they are eager to work with others to share key learnings and good practice.

Case Studies

“Working with Diversity Mark has helped our organisation to grow and thrive. They have supported us on every step on our journey.“

Bridgeen Mullin, Head of employee relations, FinTrU

Case Studies

“Terex are embracing a new diversity and inclusion initiative with one of the main aims being to encourage more women to forge a career in the sector. Diversity Mark are helping us achieve this“

Barry Taylor, Terex

Case Studies

“The Diversity Mark Accreditation programme has been invaluable to Translink in helping us make connections and develop plans that will continue to make a real difference to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion for the benefit of all employees within Translink. Cara Woods, Translink“

Cara Woods, Translink

Ignoring or dismissing D&I will have a negative impact on your business as the world continues to commit to progress

Why does D&I Matter?

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How Diversity Mark can help your business

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