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Diversity Mark

Diversity Mark Application Guidance Notes

Diversity Mark D&I Maturity Matrix

Diversity Mark Webinar – Allstate’s Journey to Silver

Bonhil Group: The DiversityQ FTSE 100 Board Diversity Report 2020

McKinsey & Company – Diversity Wins, How Diversity Matters 2020

Diversity Best Practices – Employee Network and Affinity Groups 2019

Accenture – Getting To Equal – Research-Report 2020

WGEA Australia Governement  – Building a Workplace Flexible Strategy

Mckinsey & Company – Delivering through Diversity Report – 2020

DMNI Webinar – Employee Led Networks

CIPD – Diversity Management That Works – 2019

World Economic Forum – Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Toolkit

Christine White – Diversity and Inclusion, From Talk to Action – ‘8 Steps to Building a Diverse and Inclusive Workplace

BoardEx and Odgers Berndtson – UK Leadership Diversity Report 2021

CMI – Push for progress on workplace inclusion report

Equality NI – Unified guide to promoting equal opportunities

Equality NI – Employers and service providers – Positive action employer guide

Baker McKenzie – Mind the gap series – Insights from global compliance leaders

WiSTEM Steering Group Report

Workplace DEI Report – 2022

Australian Government – Advancing Women In STEM Strategy Action Plan 2020

McKinsey & Company Women in the work place 2019

WGEA Gov AU – Gender Equity Insights Report 2020

Future of Athena SWAN Report 2020

LHH Elevating Women EU Report 2019 

The Future of Women at Work – Transitions in the Age of Automation – McKinsey Global Institute 

WGEA – Gender & Negotiation in the Workplace – 2018

Hampton Alexander Review 2019 – 33% representation of women on FTSE 350 boards and in senior leadership

WGEA – Women in Leadership Report – Lessons from Australian Companies Leading the Way – 2018

WGEA Australia Government – AIBE Centre for Gender Equality in the Workplace Report – 2020 

Mercer – Global Research Report – 2020 

McKinsey & Company – Lean In – Women In The Workplace Report 2020

30 Percent Club – Barriers to Gender Balance at Senior Leadership

PWC  – Women in Work 2021

Openreach in Plain Sight Report – Hidden Bias

Global Acceleration Plan for Gender Equality

Equality Commission NI  – Building a Gender Agenda Seminar

BAME women and Covid 19 Report

British Council – Guide for Race Equality 2018 

EY – Parker Review Report – 2020

CIPD – Addressing The Barriers to BAME Employee Career Progression To The Top – 2016

ACAS – Race Discrimination Key Points For The Workplace – 2018 

CIPD – Addressing the Barriers to BAME Employee Career Progression Report – 2020

Danske Bank & BITC – Addressing racism in the workplace webinar

McGregor Smith Review- Race in workplace

CIPD – Creating Longer More Fulfilling Working Lives – 2016

CIPD – Managing An Age Diverse- Workforce – 2015 

Equality Commission NI – Age Policy Priorities & Recommendation Report – 2017

IAB UK – Age Diversity in the Workplace – How To Guide

Age UK – The impact of Covid-19 on older people – 2020

Age UK – Digital Inclusion in the Pandemic – March 2021

Ageing Better – Being age friendly employer evidence report

PWC – Millennials at work

Stonewall UK –  LQBT in Britain Work Report 2018

Stonewall UK – Setting up an LQBT employee network group 2019

Human Rights Campaign – A Workplace Divided Report -2018

Stonewall – Top 100 Employers Report – 2020

Stonewall – Top 100 Employers Report – 2019

LGBT Health – Transgender Workplace Support

HR Leaders Guide for Non-Binary Gender Inclusion

Stonewall – Free to Be Strategy 2021 – 2025 

DMNI WEBINAR – DMNI Disabilities, Mental Health & Belonging

Equality NI – Disabled Workers Post Lockdown

Disability Rights UK – Disability and Employment  

Demystifying Disability In The Workplace – 2019

Accenture – Disability Inclusion Research Report – 2018 

Centre for Social Justice – Disability Report – 2017

Voluntary Reporting Framework on Disability, Mental Health & Wellbeing

Thriving at Work The Stevenson/Farmer Review of Mental Health and Employers

Disability Confident Line Managers Guide to Recruiting, Managing and Developing People with a disability or Health Condition

CIPD – Neurodiversity at Work – 2018

Achievability – Neurodivergent Voices, Good Practice in the Workplace – 2020

The Queen’s University Belfast Equality & Diversity Lecture – Tilting the Lens: A New Perspective 

Equality Commission NI – Promoting Mental Health in the Workplace Webinar

Danske Bank & BITC – Embracing all abilities in the workplace webinar

Autism NI – Autism and Employment

CIPD – Health and wellbeing at work report – 2021 

McKinsey and Company – How to improve workplace mental health sustainably

Equality Commission NI – Disability and Employment – Making it work

Matthew Syed – Pursuing Cognitive Diversity 

Mercer – Pathway to your potential – Cognitive Diversity

Proclaim Consulting – Whole Brain Thinking Applications 

Deloitte Review – The Diversity and Inclusion Revolution

Sutton Trust – Social Mobility in the Workplace, An Employers Guide -2020

Gov UK State of the Nation – Social Mobility in Great Britain – 2018-19

Social Mobility Foundation – Employer Index Key Findings – 2018

Gov UK – Social Mobility – Monitoring Report – 2013/2020

AMS Client Roundtable on Social Mobility

AMS-Roundtable Summary – Social Mobility

Unison – The Menopause is a workplace issue – guidance and model policy

Guidance on menopause and the workplace

BITC – Menopause in the workplace – toolkit

Promoting Equality in Employment for Women affected by Menopause

Australian Government – Advancing Women In STEM Strategy Action Plan 2020

Equate Scotland – Women in STEM Report2 2020

Matrix NI – Women in STEM Report- 2018

Institute of Coding – What motivates women to learn and work in digital

Wise Campaign – Why women in STEM become innovators – 2019

University of Bristol – BME in STEM – 2019

Capital One – Closing the Diversity Gap

Advancing women technologists leaders – Strategy 2018

Matrix NI – Women in STEM Role Models

Wise Campaign – Why women in STEM become innovators

CCEA – Why don’t more young women study computing?

A Class That Turned Around Kids’ Assumptions of Gender Roles

Equality Commission NI  – Building a Gender Agenda Seminar

Diversity, inclusion and belonging embedded at Danske Bank  

Catalyst champion diversity and inclusion within the stem sector

Utility Regulator join Diversity Mark

Encirc champion equality diversity and inclusion in manufacturing

Accenture – Getting To Equal 2020 Research Report

WGEA – Aurecon Elevating Women In STEM – 2017

Cleaver Fulton Rankin – Responsible Business Report 2019/2020

WGEA – St Barbara – Attracting Women to a Male Dominated Industry – 2017

WGEA Griffith University Developing Women Leaders – 2017

WGEA – Mercy Health, Introducing Men into a Career in Caring – 2017

PWC – Global Annual Review – 2020

IPG Diversity & Inclusion – Intentional Inclusivity while Working Remotely – 2020

The Atlantic – Diversity & Inclusion Report – 2020

PWC – The Diversity Journey – Best Practices – 2020

Webinar – Glassdoor’s journey to a more equitable workplace  

Lean In – 50 Ways to Fight Bias PowerPoint Presentation

WGEA – Best Practice – Setting Gender Targets Guidelines

WGEA – Perspective Paper – Supporting Careers by Mentoring or Sponsorship – 2017 

Ted Talks – Arwa Mahdawi – The Surprising Solution to Workplace Diversity

Ted Talks – Mellody Hobson – Colour blind or colour brave?

Ted Talks – Kristen Pressner – Are you biased? I am

Ted Talks – Maria Morukian – The missing link to sustainable diversity and inclusion

Ted Talks – Melanie Funchess – Implicit Bias how it effects us and how we push through?

Ted Talks – Mairead Mackle – What would Bertha do?

Ted Talks – Daisy Auger Domínguez – Inclusion Revolution 

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Latest News

  • Statement on behalf of Diversity Mark following comments made by Tory candidate Liz Truss

    Statement on behalf of Diversity Mark following comments made by Tory candidate Liz Truss

    At Diversity Mark we believe the case for diversity in business and public life should not need an explanation. On our doorstep, we’ve seen first-hand how diversity and inclusion has not just supported, but accelerated economic and social prosperity in Northern Ireland. We must continue to platform this progress and workplaces built on the principles of equality and respect.

    Full Article

  • Why is Gender Important?

    Why is Gender Important?

    As part of our series of Industry Peer Events, Diversity Mark was delighted to host Gillian Harford, Country executive at the 30% club. We talked about the Importance of Gender Equality and why we need to keep it at the forefront of our work in diversity and inclusion in the workplace. We support this focus […]

    Full Article

  • Hybrid working – getting it right for your people, your business and your customers

    Hybrid working – getting it right for your people, your business and your customers

    Last week Diversity Mark partnered with Bidvest Noonan, one of Northern Ireland’s largest private employers, to host a series of round table talks about how modern work practices are impacting diversity in the workplace. The first event in this series, hosted at Invest Northern Ireland’s headquarters, brought together senior leaders from some of the most important employers, agencies and authorities. The group discussed hybrid working.

    Full Article

  • Northern Ireland Civil Service retains Bronze Diversity Mark Accreditation

    Northern Ireland Civil Service retains Bronze Diversity Mark Accreditation

    Huge congratulations to Northern Ireland Civil Service who has retained the Bronze Diversity Mark for their ongoing commitment to advancing diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Since first achieving the Bronze Diversity Mark in November 2019, the Civil Service has continued to work to make improvements within all areas of diversity and inclusion.

    Full Article

  • Unite Against Hate and Diversity Mark: “Conflict without Combat” Workshop

    Unite Against Hate and Diversity Mark: “Conflict without Combat” Workshop

    Thank you to everyone who recently joined our “Conflict without Combat” workshop in partnership with Unite Against Hate. The session was hosted by Dorcas Crawford, former Senior Partner Edwards & Co. Solicitors, founder of The Better Way, Mediator, Facilitator and Public Speaker provided practical resources and valuable insights to those at all stages of their D&I. Throughout the workshop Dorcas reiterated that communication is key.

    Full Article

  • Carson McDowell awarded Bronze Diversity Mark Accreditation

    Carson McDowell awarded Bronze Diversity Mark Accreditation

    Diversity Mark are delighted to announce that Carson McDowell has been awarded the Bronze Diversity Charter Mark in recognition of their ongoing commitment to diversity and inclusion within the workplace. Committed to creating an inclusive environment, accepting of every individual’s differences, enabling all employees to achieve their full potential, and as a result, allowing the business to reach its fullest potential.

    Full Article

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