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Committing to a more diverse and inclusive workplace is a wonderful thing that benefits all of us

We are always pleased to talk to organisations who want to take that next step and show the world why this matters.

You may just be starting to think about workplace diversity, or you may already be taking strides and making a big difference to your colleagues, customers and clients.

Wherever you’re at right now, we’ll meet you there and support your effort and commitment.

What happens on the call?

  • No selling of services. No obligation to ever talk to us again and no grilling or judgement! Just an opportunity for you to ask real questions and get real answers about diversity and inclusion, and what it’s all about.
  • We will explain how the Diversity Mark Accreditation process has helped organisations of all sizes attract employees from a wider talent pool, increase their profits and make a positive impact on their employees wellbeing.
  • You can discuss any challenges your business is facing right now.
  • You can learn how to get accredited for work you may already be implementing in your business – if you’re doing it, let the world know!
  • You will meet Orla, Emma or Nuala from our team who both have years of experience helping businesses reap the benefits of creating more diverse and inclusive workplaces.
  • You will have the opportunity to learn more about the work Diversity Mark do.

Book your Diversity Discovery Call

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Our calls are booked in a 30 minute slot, and usually, 20-30 minutes gives you enough time to get a feel for who we are and ask us the questions you want answered without being overwhelmed

Who you’ll be speaking to

Christine White

Director, Diversity Mark

I am committed to building a more equal society, working with companies from all sectors as they too commit to advancing D&I to benefit all employees. I am proud to help organisations move forward and make sure all people are treated equally.

Orla McKeating

Business Development Executive

My purpose inside and outside the workplace is to create trusted spaces where all people feel seen, heard and valued. My passion lies in connecting with people, meeting them where they are at, supporting and guiding, learning and unlearning and living the possibility that a better, more inclusive, just and sustainable society where every person is celebrated not tolerated.

Our promise to you

At the end of your Diversity Discovery call, you’ll know why Diversity and Inclusion is so important to business and employees today, understand the benefits it delivers and see why it’s so much more than just a box ticking exercise.

After our call, we won’t badger you, but you’ll know what the next steps are if you want to continue your journey.

“The frameworks and resources provided by the Diversity Mark team have been invaluable in helping us to set goals, track performance and benchmark against other organisations. Allstate’s commitment to diversity, equality and inclusion will help drive change and attract more females to join the IT sector”

John Healy, VP & MD at Allstate NI

Signatories – You’re in good hands

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