How we help

Our team is here to help you, your businesses and your employees reap the measurable and emotional rewards of creating a diverse and inclusive workplace. We do this by providing counsel, information, resource and insights to you and your team.

We’re at your side

Beyond the support realm, our commitment encompasses delivering a robust framework, an accredited process, invaluable independent feedback, insightful perspectives, and peer support. With a wealth of experience and valuable expertise derived from our independent assessment panel, we assure that your commitment to progress is underpinned by a thorough and comprehensive system.

Our team understands the sensitivities involved and the barriers businesses face when trying to effect real change, so let us help you make it happen. Transform your workplace culture and attitude for good. Show others your dedication to better workplaces and make a positive impact on real people.

Remove the fear of getting it wrong

One of the biggest hurdles we help businesses overcome is the fear of causing offence. Nobody wants to say or do the wrong thing and being aware of that in itself is a step in the right direction.

Diversity Mark will help you go further by giving you access to the right resources and helping you build up your knowledge of things like pronouns, cultural appropriation, gender diversity and race issues.

We recently ran a webinar discussing disabilities, mental health and belonging. Click here to watch the webinar.

Access to insights, webinars & regular events to help you stay ahead

As part of our ongoing commitment to your progress, we regularly hold industry led events, webinars and showcase events designed to educate and inform you about diversity and inclusion in the workplace. These events are often chaired by independent experts with real world experience of why D&I matters not only at work, but also in wider society.

Accreditation and ongoing support for your business

The Diversity Mark accreditation is designed to not only allow you to demonstrate your commitment to progress, but also to give you a framework to work within. Progress and real change take time, but using our framework, you can start taking the right steps now, with the confidence that you’re working towards viable and achievable goals.

As part of this framework, our team will work with you to review your progress and make suggestions about where and how you can make the improvements that will make the biggest difference.

Our diversity buddies are passionate about the benefits of diversity and inclusion and they are eager to work with others to share key learnings and good practice with you. Click here to learn more.

We will help you take action now to address diversity and inclusion in your workplace

Case Studies

“Working with Diversity Mark has helped our organisation to grow and thrive. They have supported us on every step on our journey.“

Bridgeen Mullin, Head of employee relations, FinTrU

Case Studies

“Terex are embracing a new diversity and inclusion initiative with one of the main aims being to encourage more women to forge a career in the sector. Diversity Mark are helping us achieve this“

Barry Taylor, Terex

Case Studies

“The Diversity Mark Accreditation programme has been invaluable to Translink in helping us make connections and develop plans that will continue to make a real difference to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion for the benefit of all employees within Translink. Cara Woods, Translink“

Cara Woods, Translink

Ignoring or dismissing D&I will have a negative impact on your business as the world continues to commit to progress

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