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  • How to reach out to diverse candidates and make an impact?

    How to reach out to diverse candidates and make an impact?

    By Shruti Ambavat Organisations across Northern Ireland are continuing to change their traditional mindset when it comes to recruitment. Research has shown that teams with a high diversity ratio perform better and are more collaborative. Consulting firm Deloitte conducted research that indicated teams with neurodivergent professionals in some roles can be 30% more productive than…

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  • Inclusive Recruitment, Promotion and Allyship

    Inclusive Recruitment, Promotion and Allyship

    By Shruti Ambavat Did you know that 70% of employees in their 50s are not offered promotions? Or that words such as ‘aggressive’, ‘self-confident leader’ and ‘go-getter’ in job descriptions put off women from applying for such positions? This is what the participants of Nichola McGuinness’ recent session on Inclusive Recruitment and Allyship learnt. Well,…

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  • Diversity Mark Assessor Recruitment

    Diversity Mark Assessor Recruitment

    The Diversity Mark Accreditation is recognised across the UK and Ireland and we are looking to expand our expert Independent Assessment Panel. Do you have experience building a diverse and inclusive workplace and or community? Are you a strategic, visionary, and humble leader with strong communication and stakeholder engagement capability? If so we would love…

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