Terex Achieves Bronze Diversity Mark Accreditation

Terex is proud to have achieved the Bronze Diversity Mark Accreditation, a testament to their commitment and progress in championing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) within the organisation.

“Achieving the Bronze Diversity Mark Accreditation holds special significance, especially in the manufacturing sector,” said Alana Hopper, Site HR and DEI Lead, Terex. “Our industry has traditionally been perceived as male-dominated, but we are breaking barriers and setting new standards for inclusivity. We know that it is important to not only walk the walk, but to actively demonstrate that we are an organisation committed to diversity and inclusion. This is one of the reasons we approached Diversity Mark to start our accreditation journey.”

“Manufacturing in Northern Ireland has traditionally been a very male dominated industry. That needs to change,” said Barry Taylor, Senior Operations Director, Terex Omagh. “Not only is it the right thing to do, but it is necessary to address key issues such as skills shortages and future proof our sector. To build a more diverse workplace, we need to continue educating and raising awareness, changing mindsets and paradigms. We are preparing Terex to be an employer for the future. We want to appeal to future generations as a desirable place to work, that will embrace everyone while nurturing our existing employees.”

The Terex journey towards achieving the Bronze Diversity Mark Accreditation was guided by clear and comprehensive roadmaps that have been created to help each Terex site set specific and measurable goals, in accordance with the Terex DEI Strategy.

Hopper continues, “Our DEI roadmaps not only make our sites transparent and accountable, but they are also crucial in our DEI journey and ensuring that our team members feel safe, supported and valued.”

Emma Lyttle, Head of Engagement, Diversity Mark commended Terex commitment to DEI, “In the manufacturing sector, where diversity initiatives have historically lagged behind, achieving the Bronze Diversity Mark Accreditation is a noteworthy accomplishment. It signals to their industry peers, employees, and stakeholders that they are dedicated to creating a workplace that reflects the diverse society in which they operate. Congratulations to all the team at Terex.”

The Diversity Mark Independent Assessment Panel noted “We hope that this example shown by Terex inspires other companies in the manufacturing sector to prioritise diversity and take meaningful steps towards inclusivity.”

“While achieving the Bronze Diversity Mark Accreditation is a momentous achievement, we acknowledge that our DEI journey is ongoing. We are committed to continuing our collaboration with Diversity Mark, leveraging their expertise to further enhance our initiatives and move towards higher levels of accreditation,” added Hopper.

Congratulations to all the team at Terex on this robust achievement.

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