Only Action Can Trigger Meaningful Impact This National Inclusion Week

Orla McKeating, Business Development Executive at Diversity Mark

Take action, make impact. Four words which carry with them not just a rallying call, but a timely reminder that, when it comes to diversity and inclusion, we each have the power to affect meaningful, long-term change.

2023’s National Inclusion Week arrives with that simple, yet effective call to action: in taking action. However big or small, we are making a tangible impact on the world around us. In our workplaces. In our communities. In our society.

A key calendar date, National Inclusion Week is a seven-day celebration of inclusion in the workplace. Beyond that, it actively encourages employers and employees to reflect both on the things they could be doing better. That could look like inclusion policies or culture change within a particular team, or celebrating the progress they’ve made in all things diversity and inclusion.

It’s only in taking a step back that we realise the successes along the road, and the opportunities still ahead. This pragmatic measurement is key to our work at Diversity Mark where we enable businesses across the UK and Ireland to build more diverse and inclusive workplaces. We do this through tailormade EDI (equity, diversity and inclusion) strategies and the establishment of targets and goals that are ambitious, yes, but ultimately sustainable.

Good inclusion practices also involve focus groups anchored by employees with lived experience willing to share their stories to help advance a diverse, forward-thinking workplace where the principles of inclusion span from top to bottom. HR included, which has the power to be the engine room of inclusive recruitment by attracting and retaining a unique pool of talent.

Which is now a clear influencing factor for prospective employees, with a Glassdoor report indicating that 3 in 4 UK job seekers consider a diverse workforce a non-negotiable factor when weighing up new employment.

It makes business sense, too. A diverse workforce yield productivity and innovation, as a company’s skill base expands in tune with its inclusive culture. And it also helps promote a more profitable business and stirs economic growth across the board. Managing diversity through inclusion goes a long way towards giving organisations an edge in what is an increasingly competitive market.

Let this week be a celebration of all things inclusion. In creating impact with the power to shape our workplaces of the future. It’s that spirit which drives Diversity Mark where over 170 signatory organisations across Northern Ireland, the UK and Republic of Ireland have committed to progress.

Our robust framework will support and guide your organisation in creating a truly inclusive workplace where all people feel seen, heard, valued and supported and where they can thrive. 

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