NICS achieve Silver Diversity Mark Accreditation

We are thrilled to announce that Northern Ireland Civil Service recently achieved the Silver Diversity Mark Accreditation in recognition of their continuous commitment and progress to Diversity and Inclusion.

Huge congratulations to all the team on this robust achievement.

As part of the their National Inclusion Week activities NICS provided the below information detailing their journey so far and future aspirations.

‘As we approach the end of National Inclusion Week 2023, we reflect on the progress we have made on our diversity and inclusion journey.

We have created staff networks to provide peer-to-peer support, developed new policies to respond to the evolving needs of our workforce and have witnessed positive changes in the make-up of our workforce. In particular, we have made huge progress on gender diversity – within the most senior grades female representation has increased since 2000 (11.3%) with over 10% increase in the last ten years rising from 31.7% in January 2013 to 42.8% in 2023.   

Advancing diversity and inclusion in our workplace has taken time and has been achieved through the concerted effort, passion and commitment of our senior leaders as Diversity Champions, our staff networks and colleagues within our People and Organisational Development Group.’

Nuala Murphy, Director, Diversity Mark said.

“We are delighted that Northern Ireland Civil Service have recently been awarded the Silver Diversity Mark Accreditation. Their continuous progress and ambitious outlook has been applauded by our Independent Assessors. We will continue to support NICS while they commit and action their ongoing diversity and inclusion goals over the coming years.”

Diversity Mark is the awarding body in the UK and Ireland for the Diversity Mark accreditation and the Civil Service is one of 19 organisations awarded Silver out of Diversity Mark’s 173 signatories.  

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