Diversity and Inclusion Summit Planned for Belfast this Autumn

Northern Ireland’s largest conference focused on equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) within the sphere of business is taking place this October in Belfast.

Billed as a transformative one-day event, the Diversity Mark Annual Summit will be hosted on 8 October in Titanic Belfast uniting over 300 business and diversity leaders in their quest for truly inclusive workplaces.

Sponsored by Allstate, the theme for this year’s Summit is ‘EDI 2.0: From Action to Impact’ and will feature a range of expert keynote speakers to be announced. Attendees will benefit from sessions offering global and local perspectives and gain invaluable insights and a wealth of resources to drive diversity and inclusion within their organisations.

Commenting at the Summit launch, Director of Diversity Mark, Christine White said: “The benefits of workplace diversity and inclusion are far-reaching, and it has never been more important to take EDI seriously. At Diversity Mark, we’ve seen firsthand how prioritising EDI drives sustainable growth and innovation, helping organisations attract and retain top talent – essential for maintaining a competitive edge.

“This year’s Summit will explore the theme of impact and a renewed EDI approach, showing how diversity and inclusion efforts can benefit everyone, enhance collaboration, encourage curiosity, and drive success across the board.”

Diversity Mark is the only independent not-for-profit Diversity and Inclusion Accreditation in Northern Ireland and has to date accredited almost 200 organisations across the UK and Ireland on their path to a more inclusive workplace.

Looking ahead to the October Summit, Stephen McKeown, Vice President and Managing Director at Allstate NI, added: “‘We are so proud to be sponsoring this unique event. At Allstate, we believe that equality, diversity, and inclusion are not just ethical imperatives but also crucial drivers of innovation and business success.

Stephen continued: “By fostering a culture where every voice is heard and valued, we tap into a broader range of perspectives and ideas, cultivating a more collaborative and supportive work environment, and delivering superior products and services to our customers.”

Look out for more summit details being released soon.

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