Topic du jour – Workplace Culture

 Orla McKeating is our Business Executive at Diversity Mark. These last few months she has represented Diversity Mark at global conferences, listening to world class EDI experts as well as supporting fantastic local initiatives. She is acutely aware of the challenges organisations face when trying to fully embed diversity and inclusion into organisations. Culture is most definitely the topic du jour! 

Creating a positive work culture takes commitment and time to embed in any organisation and it is important that there is support from the top. Leaders are encouraged to promote cultures where there is trust, empathy, psychological safety and where every person at the table feels comfortable to contribute. This is a journey and beginning this can include;

1.     Clarity on Vision & Values

The vision of an organisation will untie people and create teams with similar values and beliefs. This is a culture where actions, policies and behaviours are fully aligned with these values.

2.     Encouraging Empathy, Trust & Support 

This can include consistent and honest communication, healthy relationships, respecting boundaries while supporting and promoting a positive environment.

3.     Supporting Under-Represented Groups in the Workplace

Embedding Diversity and Inclusion within policies, actions, hiring processes and into the heart of the organisation. Creating awareness on the barriers and challenges that under-represented or vulnerable groups experience and be willing to address these. Supporting working groups, EDI champions and advocating for change.

4.     Commitment to Employee Growth

Giving the space for all employees to grow, up-skill, learn and be the best they can be in the workplace. 

5.     Inclusive Leadership

Leadership that promotes diverse thinking, ensuring all people feel seen heard and valued and where there is an avoidance of stereotypes, assumptions, bias and discrimination which can increase engagement, innovation, job satisfaction and move towards a positive work culture. 

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