Christine White appointed as Director to steer Diversity Mark into the Future

Christine joined Diversity Mark in 2008 as Head of Business where she played a pivotal role in shaping the diversity and inclusion landscape in NI in developing the Diversity Mark accreditation and assessment processes, leading to a community of employers committed to the Diversity Mark mission.

In September 2022, she took on a new challenge within the WiB Group as Head of Corporate with Women in Business. This experience broadened her perspective and deepened her commitment to building a prosperous, inclusive economy as she now returns to lead Diversity Mark into the future as Director. Christine is deeply driven by the Diversity Mark mission to create inclusive and diverse workplaces where everyone feels not just included, but truly welcome.

Before embarking on her journey with Diversity Mark, Christine spent more than two decades immersed in the retail banking and motor trade sectors, serving in diverse key management capacities and having been awarded a multitude of performance and excellence awards throughout her career.

To reach out and connect with Christine please email or to book a call with the Diversity Mark team, click here.

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