Boardroom Diversity Breakfast at Gilbert-Ash

We are delighted to share the success of our recent Boardroom Diversity Breakfast hosted by Ray Hutchinson, Managing Director, and Maria Bradley, HR Director, at Gilbert-Ash. The event brought together senior business leaders dedicated to fostering diversity and inclusion within their organisations.

Our attendees heard from our Director, Christine White with insights on the benefits and processes of accreditation, highlighting the tangible impacts of achieving Diversity Mark accreditation along with the robustness of the accreditation. Judith Gillespie CBE co-chair of the Diversity Mark Independent Assessment Panel emphasised how Diversity Mark meets organisations where they are on their journey towards diversity and inclusion. She explained that the accreditation process is not a one-size-fits-all approach but rather a supportive framework tailored to the unique needs and starting points of each organisation. Her insights reinforced the idea that achieving diversity is a continuous journey, and working with Diversity Mark can make a significant difference in navigating this path effectively.

The breakfast saw representatives from various distinguished companies, including Smiley Monroe, Deli Lites, WOMEN’STEC, Northern Ireland Chamber, AG Paving and Building Products, Harland & Wolff, Carson McDowell, and CEFNI. Each participant contributed to the dynamic discussion on the cultural changes required to enhance diversity within Northern Ireland.

We extend our thanks to Ray Hutchinson and Maria Bradley for their exceptional hosting, and to all the business leaders who attended and actively participated. Your engagement and passion are crucial in driving the diversity agenda forward. We look forward to continued collaboration and progress in building a more inclusive and prosperous economy for Northern Ireland.

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