Statement on behalf of Diversity Mark following comments made by Tory candidate Liz Truss

At Diversity Mark we believe the case for diversity in business and public life should not need an explanation.

A regionalisation of public sector pay beyond London would have only undermined the steps taken to advance diversity and inclusion on a UK wide scale. Particularly now in 2022, when research carried out by McKinsey & Company revealed the most diverse companies are now more likely to outperform their non-diverse counterparts on profitability.

On our doorstep, we’ve seen first-hand how diversity and inclusion has not just supported, but accelerated economic and social prosperity in Northern Ireland. We must continue to platform this progress and workplaces built on the principles of equality and respect.

Those leading by example include Jayne Brady the first female lead of Northern Ireland’s Civil Service, an organisation committed in its pledge to advancing workplace diversity and helping to set a benchmark for both business and wider society.

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