Christine White Appointed Head of Business

Christine White Appointed Head of Business

Christine White was recently appointed as Head of Business of Diversity Mark NI and she is delighted with the success of the organisation over its first 12 months. She is keen to continue to make a difference to the NI Economy through the promotion of Diversity Mark NI to all companies throughout NI. As she explained, “diversity accreditation will set businesses and organisations apart.  Focus on diversity is not only the right thing to do, it’s the smart thing to do.  Many studies from McKinsey & Credit Suisse have shown that companies with a more diverse workforce have improved performance and better bottom line results.  Companies with Diversity clearly on their agenda, who hold our Charter Mark, are much more attractive to future talent as people are more in tune with gender issues than ever before.

We are proud to have presented awards to organisations from a wide range of sectors and sizes.  Our smallest accredited company to date currently have 45 employees right up to our largest organisation – the Northern Ireland Civil Service with over 23,000 employees.

We were delighted too that organisations from typically male dominated sectors, the Northern Ireland Fire & Rescue Service and Gilbert Ash, have not only engaged but been awarded the Bronze Charter Mark. Target setting is unique to each business depending on their own individual circumstances, there are no barriers to starting your Diversity journey with us.”

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Diversity Mark NI

This Charter enables organisations to apply for a charter mark which will recognise their commitment to, and progress on, gender diversity. The Charter follows a methodology of self-assessment, target-setting and review, and it prioritises continuous progression with goals set by, and appropriate to, each individual organisation.