Terex – Diversity Mark are helping us become a more desirable place to work

Terex are a global manufacturer of materials, processing machinery and aerial work platforms. With numerous sites across Northern Ireland, Terex are embracing a new diversity and inclusion initiative with one of the main aims being to encourage more women to forge a career in the sector.

Words by Barry Taylor – Senior Operations Director, Terex, Omagh

Barry Taylor talks about the challenges manufacturing and engineering face, and how diversity and inclusion is helping Terex address those challenges

Creating a diverse work place that welcomes everyone

Manufacturing is a very male dominated industry, and that won’t simply change overnight. To build a more diverse work place, we need to continue educating and raising awareness, changing mindsets and paradigms. I believe this will take 5-10 years to cascade down through the levels and start to create lasting change, but we must continue to act now.

We know that it is important to not only walk the walk, but to actively demonstrate that we are an organisation committed to diversity and inclusion. This is one of the reasons we approached Diversity Mark in 2022 to start our accreditation journey.

At Terex NI, we are now creating focussed local targets, and we are already thinking of ways to embrace all forms of intersectionality. We want to appeal to future generations as a desirable place to work that will embrace everyone while nurturing our existing employees.

Avoiding the pitfalls

We knew that Diversity Mark had worked with many organisations over the last five years helping them to achieve various levels of accreditation. With their experience, they know the traps that businesses can fall into and can therefore guide us and make sure we’re doing it right. Having access to the team at Diversity Mark is an invaluable resource, and it gives us a lot of confidence that through their experience and knowledge, they will help us not only achieve accreditation, but effectively demonstrate our commitment to DEI.

“Accreditation will help us demonstrate our commitment to making Terex Northern Ireland a more diverse and inclusive workplace, which will absolutely lead to an improvement in business performance and innovation. ”

We want to encourage more women into the manufacturing and engineering sector at all levels.

Diversity improves the whole business

Terex has many sites across Northern Ireland, and through various discussions we agreed that all sites would sign to the Diversity Mark Charter. As a global organisation, it is important for us, our suppliers and our customers that diversity is taken seriously and that we create a workplace where everybody is respected.

We are proud to say that Terex are now signatories, and the team at Diversity Mark is helping to guide us on our way towards receiving our bronze Diversity Mark Accreditation

“Attitudes aren’t changing fast enough but thankfully, businesses like Diversity Mark are driving the agenda and making it easier to take those first steps“

Manufacturing and Engineering companies need to get on board

It is so important that manufacturing and engineering organisations get on board and quickly initiate their own DEI programs to address issues in the sector. Issues like skills shortages, innovation, and sector performance. It’s not only the right thing to do, but will make such a difference to ensuring the future of our sector.

“Making the choice to be a more inclusive employer will reap you, your business, and your employees both measurable and emotional rewards. Diversity Mark are there to support you, providing counsel, information, resources and much more. Give them a call“

Barry Taylor, Senior Operations Director, Terex Omagh

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