FinTru – How Diversity Mark have helped us to become an employer of choice

FinTrU, a RegTech company serving the Financial Services sector, was founded in 2013 by Darragh McCarthy. Since their inception, the ethos has always been to build a business where top talent wants to work, grow and forge a rewarding career.

They knew that building a diverse and inclusive workforce was not just the right thing to do, but that it was paramount to helping them achieve their wider business goals.

Words by Bridgeen Mullin – Head of Employee Relations, FinTrU, North West

Bridgeen Mullin talks about how building a diverse and inclusive workplace with the help of Diversity Mark has helped FinTrU to grow and thrive

Putting people first

People are at the heart of our organisation, and they are integral to the success of FinTrU. It is important that our people represent the global industry in which we are operating.

We also recognise that by having a more diverse and inclusive team, not only can we become more competitive as an employer of choice, but also stand out from other businesses who are also searching for top tier talent.

FinTrU is a progressive and market-leading organisation, headquartered in Northern Ireland, that is heavily committed to diversity and inclusion. The company has been recognised as a leading employer of choice with multiple ‘Employer of the Year’ award wins and has previously had representatives speak on Diversity-focused panels.

Growing at pace with the right partners

Working with Diversity Mark has helped our organisation to scale as FinTrU has grown at pace in a relatively short period of time.

Partnering with Diversity Mark has enabled us to identify where we are at on our D&I journey. It has also allowed us to avail of support from Diversity Mark’s wide network who are on their own D&I journey. These connections have proven to be invaluable for our business, and it’s wonderful to have an organisation like Diversity Mark with you at every step of the way.

“Diversity and Inclusion has helped us solidify our position as an employer of choice. ”

Our workforce is naturally becoming more diverse, and we want to embrace that.

Diversity is only going to become an even bigger agenda item

At FinTrU, we believe that Diversity and Inclusion is going to keep growing in importance as businesses continue to move forward.

As we grow, our workforce is naturally becoming more diverse, and we want to embrace that. We are seeing the many benefits that diversity brings, not just to our bottom line, but to innovation, purpose, staff retention and morale throughout the business.

For Gen Z especially, who are the future of our industry, they don’t want to simply see employers talking about D&I, they want to see action.

Small first steps should not be overlooked or dismissed

Taking the first step can be quite daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. At FinTrU, we started by taking simple steps to get us moving in the right direction. These steps included:

Reviewing our job descriptions to make sure that any criteria that isn’t absolutely essential is removed. This is to encourage a more diverse range of candidates who may not have applied due to feeling under experienced.

Reviewing the language used in our policies to ensure it is as inclusive as possible.

Facilitated lunch and learn sessions, led by our committees and teams, to help educate and inform one another.

“FinTrU were originally awarded the bronze accreditation which recognised the work we were doing at a grass roots level. We are proud to have now been awarded our silver accreditation in recognition of our continued commitment to diversity and inclusion.“

Working towards gold accreditation

Having received the silver accreditation in 2022, we are now working towards our gold accreditation with Diversity Mark and their independent assessors.

We will continue to put our people first. By continuing to partner with Diversity Mark, we know that we are setting foundations for success, creating a diverse and inclusive workplace where people want to work and build their careers.

Working with Diversity Mark has helped our organisation to grow and thrive. They have supported us on every step on our journey.

Bridgeen Mullin, Head of employee relations, FinTrU

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