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At Diversity Mark, we support professional services in Northern Ireland, helping them to create diverse and inclusive businesses that brilliant people aspire to work for.

Most professional services understand that building a more diverse and inclusive workplace isn’t simply something that would be nice to do, it’s now very much a must do – but D&I can be tricky landscape to navigate. Diversity Mark are here to help. If you’re already doing it and want to demonstrate your achievements, or just starting out, our team are here to make it easier for you to succeed.

“Businesses working within the Professional Services sector have a corporate responsibility to represent the community they are in. Demonstrating your commitment to diversity by gaining accreditation can help you achieve your CSR goals ”

Top talent wants to know what you are doing to build a workplace they’re comfortable and proud to be at.

“We benefit from a difference of opinions and personalities. It is helping us deliver better customer service”

Janine Cunningham, Operations Director, IQ&Co

Professional services rely on their customers choosing them time and time again. As the world moves forward and changes, so do attitudes and ways of working. It can be hard to keep up and easy to get trapped in your own bubble, but increasingly employees and customers want to see that your business is taking D&I seriously. Diversity Mark can help you stay on top of things and move forward the right way.

Visibly demonstrate that D&I is important to your business by getting accredited with Diversity Mark

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FinTru have built a diverse and inclusive workplace and it has helped them establish themselves as an employer of choice – watch their story

Committing to progress is not only the right thing to do, but it will also have a long lasting impact on your reputation and your bottom line

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Wherever you’re at right now, we’ll meet you there and support your effort and commitment.

Would you like to learn more? Here are some useful resources to help you

McKinsey & Company – Delivering through Diversity

A quick guide to diversity and inclusion

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