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At Diversity Mark, we support manufacturers and engineers in Northern Ireland, helping them to create diverse and inclusive businesses that brilliant people aspire to work for.

Addressing diversity within manufacturing and engineering can feel like an overwhelming task, but you don’t have to do it on your own, and certainly not all at once. Progress means taking a first step, and our team are here to guide, help and back you up when you do.

“Manufacturing has an obvious and visible issue with gender diversity, but also a skills shortage. It falls on companies like Encirc to lead change and help increase our talent pool by championing an inclusive culture.”

Gone are the days when employees are simply happy to have a job. Top talent wants to know what you are doing to build a workplace they’re comfortable and proud to be at.

“Having a diversity strategy is a competitive advantage when you are trying to attract good staff”

Tatiana Titus, D&I Lead, Expleo Group

There is a big skills shortage in the sector, and to ensure a bright future for engineering and manufacturing, companies will need better engagement with younger employees.

Young people are increasingly looking to work for inclusive businesses where they can feel comfortable being themselves. Demonstrating your commitment to diversity and inclusion can quickly help you become an employer of choice.

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Encirc want more women in manufacturing – watch Erin’s story

Committing to progress is not only the right thing to do, but it will also have a long lasting impact on your reputation and your bottom line

Would you like to learn more? Here are some useful resources to help you

Deloitte – Manufacturing’s future depends on diversity, equity, and inclusion

A quick guide to diversity and inclusion

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We are seeing progressive manufacturing and engineering businesses across NI take action to not only help reduce their skills shortage, but to increase their diversity of perspective and drive innovation.