Managing Conflict in a Diverse Workplace Culture

Date: September 11, 2023

Time: 08:30am

Place: Glandore Belfast

Join Dorcas Crawford Mediator & Conflict Management Consultant at The Better Way for our in partnership event.

‘Conflict is inevitable, combat is optional’ – Max Lucado

As the drive to embrace diversity and inclusion in society gathers pace and our vision for truly diverse and inclusive workplaces becomes a reality, we must also face the challenges this brings. In a diverse world we will meet many people whose views differ from ours and conflict is an inevitable fact of life, but combat is not inevitable – it is possible to disagree respectfully, to hold differing opinions, no matter how strong, and not resort to disrespectful and aggressive behaviour.

How do we do that?

Like so many things in life it comes down to communication. In this workshop we will look at the skills that help us manage conflict in a healthy, respectful non-combative way.

The workshop will be an introduction and interactive session, allowing time to practice and apply the skills you will learn.

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Event Speakers

  1. Dorcas Crawford

Ticket Prices

This is a free event

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