Translink awarded Bronze Diversity Mark for workplace Diversity and Inclusion

Translink awarded Bronze Diversity Mark for workplace Diversity and Inclusion

Translink has been awarded the Bronze Diversity Mark for commitment to Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace.

This ‘Mark of Progress’ recognises Translink’s ongoing commitment to Diversity and Inclusion. The award is independently assessed by a team of business experts who look for evidence of a target driven approach at addressing gender diversity across their organisation.

Translink Group Chief Executive Chris Conway commented:

We are proud to have reached the high standards required for the Bronze Diversity Mark. 

“This award is important to us as it not only acknowledges our achievements so far but demonstrates an ongoing commitment to diversity and inclusion.  We understand the business benefits of having a diverse and inclusive culture in terms of attracting and retaining the best talent, better business decision making and helping us to understand our customers better.  Employee well-being and engagement is important to us and we acknowledge the positive impact that a focus on diversity and inclusion will have on these areas as well. 

“Through the Charter Mark process, we’ve committed to promoting female representation in Translink and building a positive inclusive culture.  The structure of reporting annual progress enables us to continuously review our approach”.

“I am delighted to have been actively involved in some key diversity and inclusion initiatives already launched by Translink and I look forward to working with Diversity Mark NI on our continued Diversity and Inclusion journey.”

Christine White, Head of Business at Diversity Mark NI, said:

“We are delighted to recognise Translink for their commitment to advancing Gender Diversity by awarding them the Bronze Diversity Mark accreditation.  The independent assessment panel welcomed Translink’s commitment, as a major employer to strive for a culture of inclusiveness to benefit all employees at such a crucial time for equality.

“The panel commended Translink on their detailed application with data analysis, benchmarking and gathering the views of employees to inform their Diversity strategy.  They understand the relationship with attraction of talent and increased service quality, and the importance of employee wellbeing.

“We congratulate everyone at Translink on this achievement and we look forward to working with them as they develop their diversity initiatives over the coming years.”

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