Sensata Celebrating Diversity & Inclusion Day 2018 - Diversity Mark NI

On 23rd October 2018 Sensata Technologies held ‘Celebrating Diversity Day’ an annual event bringing together senior leadership and 120 representatives from 10+ sites globally and we were delighted to be invited along to the day.

Sensata’s Catherine McGinnity explained that this year’s theme was ‘Be an Ally’, meaning supportive association with the members of a marginalized group to which one does not belong. Sensata worked to foster a culture of respect and belonging so that all our people feel valued – a vital first step towards true inclusion. It’s important to understand the challenges other people are facing, whether due to their cultural or educational background, gender, sexual orientation, race/ethnicity, different abilities or other differences, visible or invisible.

Sensata welcomed former CNN and NPR journalist, entrepreneur and bestselling author Josh Levs to deliver his keynote address on why better support working fathers is the right choice for businesses. Professional coach and TV personality Pete Cohen gave tips on how you can make change in your own sphere. Other workshops included understanding how diversity drives innovation from QUB’s Prof. Alistair Fee, busting cultural stereotypes with the ACE team and recognising and learning to manage mental health challenges with Inspire councillor Amanda Hughes. We also discussed everything we learned with a Q&A panel of affinity group leads, senior management and distinguished guest Nisha Tandon OBE, founder of the Belfast Mela.

This event encompassed the spirit of being an ally with many people from all backgrounds working to make Sensata a better employer to everyone. We learned that every individual, at any level, has the power to make a difference to the people around them.

Sensata Celebrating Diversity & Inclusion Day 2018

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