Sandvik Mobiles’ awarded Bronze Diversity Mark

Sandvik Mobiles’ awarded Bronze Diversity Mark

We are delighted to announce that Sandvik Mobile Crushers and Screens who started their journey with Diversity Mark NI in early 2020 have been awarded the Bronze Diversity Mark for their commitment to gender diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Andy McCullock, Vice President Mobile Crushers and Screens, commented:

“We are proud to have reached the high standards required for the Bronze Diversity Mark.This award is important to us as it not only acknowledges our achievements so far, but demonstrates an ongoing commitment to Diversity and Inclusion. Through the Charter Mark process, we’ve committed to promoting female representation in Sandvik Mobiles’ and building a positive inclusive culture.”

Eva Johansson, Head of HR, Crushing and Screening, said:

I recognise the commitment of the local organisation in Northern Ireland, and their dedication to striving for a culture of inclusiveness to benefit all employees. We value diversity and are dedicated to creating a working environment that’s inclusive, where everyone feels safe, supported and free to be themselves.”

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