DMNI Virtual Event ‘Rebel Ideas – The Power of Diverse Thinking’

DMNI Virtual Event ‘Rebel Ideas – The Power of Diverse Thinking’

We are delighted to have secured international keynote speaker Andrew Toogood of Proclaim Consulting to present at our next virtual event – Rebel Ideas, The Power of Diverse Thinking.

During this online event we will:

  • Learn how to leverage cognitive diversity as a strategic advantage
  • Discover how individuals own thinking guides the success of their team
  • Consider how teams think (and work) and the potential to make or break their organisations

Date: Wednesday 27th Jan 2021

Time: 10am – 11:30am

Place: Virtual Event (no cost to attend)

The world we operate in is experiencing volatile, uncertain and complex times. In this interactive event we will examine the power of rebel ideas and diverse thinking.

Understanding differences in thinking, and how to harness them can help teams tackle problems in new ways and increase their innovation & productivity. For organisations, building a culture of inclusion around these varied perspectives strengthens culture, builds agility in change, and ultimately drives better business results.


The event will be presented by Andrew Toogood, Managing Director of Proclaim Consulting. Andrew is an in-demand international keynote speaker, facilitator and consultant with over 20 years leadership experience. His approach is down to earth, engaging with a natural ability to motivate & inspire. Andrew gained significant commercial experience over a decade working in senior roles in Corporate Banking for a large international banking group. Experience of managing teams and clients across different countries and regions as well as development & implementation of business development strategy for global companies gives Andrew a clear insight into the issues facing leaders today.

Andrew is the only certified Whole Brain® Practitioner in NI, helping organisations leverage and apply cognitive diversity to improve business results.

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