Rebel Ideas ‘The Power of Diverse Thinking’ Virtual Event

Rebel Ideas ‘The Power of Diverse Thinking’ Virtual Event

Thank you to everyone that joined us today at our fully subscribed webinar ‘Rebel Ideas – The Power of Diverse Thinking’. This was our fifth in a series of ‘Driving Diversity in a COVID-19 World’ webinars and we were joined by Andrew Toogood of Proclaim Consulting who presented at today’s event creating a highly engaging environment and sparking thought provoking questions on the topic of Cognitive Diversity. 

Andrew spoke on the volatile and uncertain times that we are experiencing and how agility and adaptability to change whilst embracing Diversity of thought will be crucial for organisations in thriving and producing better results in such complex times.  He covered areas such as Dominance Hierarchy, Homophily and Herrmann’s Whole Brain thinking and how these can have a huge impact on working environments and decision making.

Thank you to the attendees for their feedback on this event!

Really interesting and challenging session – so much to think about when you’re chairing a meeting!

Brilliant delivery and so much useful information

Food for thought! Can see real value add to all businesses.

You can visit our Global Resource Centre for further recommended reading and reports on all areas of diversity and inclusion including Cognitive Diversity.

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