Greiner Packaging UK receives Bronze Diversity Mark

Greiner Packaging UK receives Bronze Diversity Mark

Kyla McCracken. People and Culture Leader, Greiner Packaging and Christine White, Head of Business, Diversity Mark NI

Greiner Packaging UK has been awarded the Bronze Diversity Mark by demonstrating publicly their commitment to Diversity and Inclusion within their workplace. 

Greiner Packaging is one of Europe’s leading packaging manufacturers and providers of customised solutions from a single source. Operating in 30 locations in 19 different countries, the Dungannon site is leading the way with Diversity being a key strategic objective. Employing just under 300 employees and supplying UK and ROI based businesses, it is a complex business that is growing with quality and innovation being the main drivers of their success. 

“We are delighted to recognise Greiner Packaging for their commitment and dedication to Gender Diversity by awarding them the Bronze Diversity Mark.  Their application clearly met the standard for this award with creative targets to address not only under representation of women, but also men in their support functions. We are confident that this journey will assist in building working environments that are fair and inclusive to benefit everyone within the company and we congratulate everyone at Greiner on this achievement”

Christine White, Head of Business for Diversity Mark

Commenting on the award, Philip Woolsey, CEO, said:

“Our people are our most important strength as a business.  Every action that we take as individuals and collaboratively as a team, creates the results that we achieve.  Developing a team that has diversity means that we increase the capability to see more growth opportunities, bring more ideas to problem solving, increasing learning and development, and ultimately accelerate almost all aspects of our business performance.  I am proud of where our diversity is, and excited about how our new plan will enhance this over the coming years!” 

The plan for Greiner Packaging UK will initially be focussing on balancing gender diversity across the business with a number of targets including increasing the number of female colleagues in leadership positions, attracting more applications from females to their award-winning Greiner Gold Apprenticeship Scheme and increasing the number of male colleagues in their Support functions. 

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