First Steps to LGBT Inclusion Webinar

First Steps to LGBT Inclusion Webinar

Thank you to everyone that joined us today at our third in a series of ‘Driving Diversity’ events.  Today’s webinar ‘First Steps to LGBT Inclusion’ was presented by Fergal McFerran, Diversity Mark NI Independent Assessor and Account Manager at Stonewall UK.

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Fergal delivered an educational and extremely comprehensive presentation. 

 Some of the key learnings from this session:

  • Communicate internally and externally why you are engaging in building inclusive work environments for LGBT people – what is your purpose?
  • Focus on evaluating and making policies inclusive (family, leave, bullying & harassment policies, language) to protect and include LGBT people
  • Find ways to develop an understanding of the lived experiences of LGBT people, particularly include leaders and line managers
  • Engage with LGBT staff and be led by their needs in developing space and resource to shape the actions you engage in
  • Use data – find out what you don’t know about the experiences of your LGBT employees and focus on filling any gaps
  • Engage meaningfully with LGBT community groups to leverage their expertise and enrich your activity

Just attended Diversity Mark NI’s ‘First Steps to LQBT Inclusion” event. Many thanks to Fergal McFerran for providing one of the most informative and practical events I’ve been to in quite some time.

Thank you to Fergal for supporting our signatory organisations as as an Independent Assessor and also for sharing his expertise with our webinar delegates.

Please contact Emma Lyttle Engagement Manager at Diversity Mark NI at to request a recording of the webinar.

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