Upcoming Event: FinTrU Diversity Mark Breakfast 22/01/20

Upcoming Event: FinTrU Diversity Mark Breakfast 22/01/20

Hosted by Darragh McCarthy, CEO & Founder at FinTrU

Wednesday 22nd January 2020 8am – 9.30am at FinTrU House, 1 Cromac Avenue, The Gasworks, Belfast BT7 2JA

Thank you to Darragh McCarthy for hosting our January diversity breakfast to enable business leaders to find out more about the Diversity Mark NI membership.

At this invite only event Darragh will share his rationale for signing up for Northern Ireland’s independent Charter Mark for Diversity and Inclusion. Diversity Mark Head of Business Christine White will share the membership benefits and process along with Dr Joanne Stuart, Diversity Mark independent assessor and a board member.

If you are a Chief Executive, HR Director or business leader and interested in attending a future Diversity breakfast please email Alison at admin@diversity-mark-ni.co.uk.

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