Diversity Buddies 

Our Diversity Buddies have been with Diversity Mark on their company’s Diversity journey since our launch.  All incredibly passionate about the benefits that Diversity and Inclusion brings to organisations and they are eager to work with others to share key learnings and good practice. 

If you are a Diversity Mark signatory organisation and would like to connect with a Diversity Buddy please contact Emma Lyttle, Engagement Manager for an introduction emma.lyttle@diversity-mark.-ni.co.uk


Lesley Miller 

Senior Manager at Allstate NI  

Lesley is a Senior Manager with 18+ years’ experience with Allstate Northern Ireland and 30+ years’ experience in Technology. Lesley’s role in Business Engagement encompasses responsibility for Engagement Strategy across ANI, with a focus on reinforcing the business purpose and leveraging our people and skills to have positive impacts in Allstate NI and in the wider community in Northern Ireland. 

Areas of Expertise: Gender Diversity / Age Diversity / Identifying Barriers / Diversity Strategies / Profile & Visibility / Measuring Success / Culture Shift / Getting Everyone Engaged / Mentoring  / Staff Networks / Diversity at Senior Level / DMNI Application 

Sorcha Diver

Head of Risk & Compliance at Allstate NI 

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Sorcha is Head of Risk & Compliance and Administrative Services. Sorcha has been at Allstate for 20 years, joining as a graduate developer and holding roles in operations and security before building the ANI Risk & Compliance team and developing the Procurement, Supplier Management and Facilities functions. A member of the steering group for both the Diversity Charter Mark NI and Stonewall Workplace Equality Index, Sorcha is passionate about all things diversity and inclusion.


Areas of Expertise: Gender Diversity / LGBTQ+ / Identifying Barriers / Diversity Strategies / Diversity at Recruitment Stage / Measuring Success / Staff Networks / Diversity at Senior Level / DMNI Application  


David Johnston

Former Head of Equality, Diversity & Inclusion at Police Service of Northern Ireland 

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David has been a HR practitioner for over 25 years, with a professional interest in equality, diversity and inclusion. Most of his career has seen him working in complex and high-profile public service organizations, including Inland Revenue, Police Ombudsman’s office, Northern Ireland Tourist Board, and the Police Service of Northern Ireland. David recently also joined the Boardroom Apprentice 2020.


Areas of Expertise: Gender Diversity / Race & Ethnicity / Diversity Strategies / Profile & Visibility / Mentoring Schemes / Community Outreach / Allies 


Caroline van der Feltz

HR Director at Danske Bank 

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Caroline is an experienced HR Director with over 25  years’ experience within the fields of Financial Services, FMCG, Travel and Retail sectors. Currently at Danske Bank UK she leads the People Strategy as part of the Banks Executive Committee with Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging a significant element of their Strategy. Caroline sits on Diversity Mark NI Board of Directors.



Areas of Expertise: Gender Diversity / Disabilities / Mental Health / Neurodiversity / Diversity Strategies / Culture Shift / Getting Everyone Engaged / Mentoring Schemes / Staff Networks / Allies / Diversity at Senior Level / DMNI Application  


Donna Feehan

Consumer Finance Product Manager at Danske Bank 

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Donna is Consumer Finance Product Manager at Danske Bank & former Chair of the Rainbow Committee. Having worked for the bank for almost 20 years and being part of the LGBT+ community, she took an active role in helping launch their Rainbow Network. Collaborating with, and speaking at Working With Pride, FuSIoN (Financial Service Inclusion Network) and Stonewall Diversity Champion events, Donna strives to share personal experiences to educate on LGBT+ issues. Donna was crowned Individual Diversity Champion in Legal Islands recent D&I awards.


Areas of Expertise:  LGBTQ+ / Profile & Visibility / Staff Networks


Nicola McCleery

Head of Transaction Banking at Danske Bank 

Nicola is Head of Transaction Banking, Danske Bank. She is an energetic and experienced leader with extensive experience in driving change and creating value in FMCG & financial services sectors, locally and internationally. An award winning diversity champion, former Chair of the Danske Gender Diversity Network and now active member, People Board member, community volunteer, mentor. She believes strongly in the concept of inspirational leadership based on integrity, inclusivity & diversity, combined with clear strategic management.

Areas of Expertise: Gender Diversity / Measuring Success / Staff  Networks / Diversity at Senior Level 


Adriana Morvaiova

Team Development Co-Ordinator at Sensata 

Born in Slovakia, raised in a multilingual family with Hungarian roots. Adriana relocated to Northern Ireland in 2006 when she joined Sensata Technologies. As a chair of the D&I Council and Founder of ACE (Appreciating Cultural Exchange) – Award Winning Race Initiative, Adriana has a role to champion and encourage cultural exchange, raise awareness and engagement through development, community relations, social activities and a safe space for open discussions. Creating and building relationships with community organizations like ArtsEkta that brought on a creative partnership for Sensata to become principal sponsor of the Belfast Mela with first time STEM Zone for children. Adriana is passionate about languages, accents  and cultures and completed the Boardroom Apprentice Programme 2019/2020 with the Equality Commission NI  Board.

Areas of Expertise: Race & Ethnicity / Neurodiversity / Mental Health / Cognitive Diversity/ Culture Shift / Getting Everyone Engaged / Community Outreach / Staff Networks / Diversity Strategies 


Conor Curran 

Head of Diversity & Inclusion at Queen’s University 

Conor is the Head of Diversity and Inclusion at Queen’s University Belfast, who are recognised as one of the leading institutions in the UK for their work on Equality, Diversity and Inclusion. Conor is a qualified employment lawyer and HR professional with 15 years’ experience of working in both the private and public sector, in England, ROI & NI. He has experience of designing, developing and successfully implementing complex and impactful evidence-led EDI strategies and action plans for a wide range of large employers & has worked in various sectors including policing, justice, health and now education. He has also experience of designing internal and external communication strategies and overseeing complex change management projects for employers. Conor is a frequent panelist and guest speaker at a wide range of CIPD and CPD events in NI, where the focus is on a wide range of EDI topics.

Areas of Expertise: Gender Diversity / Disabilities / Mental Health / Diversity Strategies / Culture Shift / Employee Engagement Schemes / Staff Networks / Allies / Diversity at Senior Board Level / LGBT+ & Race Equality / Linguistic Diversity (NI) / Charter Mark applications / Communication Strategies / Evidence Led approaches to Strategy Development


Maria Bradley 

Human Resources Director at Gilbert Ash 

Maria is the Human Resources Director at Gilbert-Ash, dedicating her thirty-year career to the company. Maria has used her wealth of knowledge and experience to help the construction firm grow in a positive direction, with projects in over 43 countries across the globe. Passionate about gender diversity, Maria believes it is essential for businesses to foster innovation, creativity, and empathy in the workplace – Maria has overseen the increase of females in the Gilbert-Ash workforce to 21%, rising above the industry average of 11%. Maria has been the driver behind Gilbert-Ash’ support for LGBTQ+ charity Stonewall and sponsorship of Womenstec, which provides training for women in non-traditional skills. Her work on this, and many other initiatives, led to the firm winning the ‘Best Gender Initiative’ at the 2020 Northern Ireland Equality & Diversity Awards as well as attaining recognition for ongoing commitment to gender and race diversity. Maria is also a CITB NI board member and has been at the core of several wider industry initiatives and improvements throughout the years.

Areas of Expertise: Gender Diversity / Mental Health / LGBTQ+ / Race & Ethnicity / Age Diversity / Diversity Strategies  / Education Outreach


Jill Michael

Talent Manager at A&L Goodbody 

Jill is an experienced Talent Manager with over 15 years’ experience within the fields of Law, Financial Services, Oil and Gas, and Engineering. Currently at A&L Goodbody she leads the Talent Strategy in NI working closely with the partnership. At A&L Goodbody, Diversity and Inclusion is about respecting, valuing, and fostering the differences that exist in our people, and the domestic and international markets in which we do business. Our culture is based on collaboration and creating an environment where all can belong. Our D&I guiding principles are, Be Kind, Be Curious, Be Brave and Be Accountable, and through these we are committed to ensuring that everyone is treated with respect, fairness and integrity.

Areas of Expertise: Gender Diversity / Mental Health / Diversity Strategies / Culture Shift / Getting Everyone Engaged / Mentoring Schemes / Staff Networks

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