Diversity Breakfast at the Ulster Bank

Diversity Breakfast at the Ulster Bank

Business leaders gathered today at an intimate diversity breakfast hosted by Richard Donnan, Head of the Ulster Bank in Northern Ireland. This event was another opportunity to highlight the importance of prioritising Gender Diversity in the workplace. Richard shared some valuable insights from Ulster Bank’s diversity journey with the guests.

Richard explained that they have been focussing on cultural change over the last few years by prioritising diversity and inclusion. He spoke about the importance of ensuring that everyone in the organisation feels supported to bring their ‘best self’ to work. He also explained that the organisation are on a journey and are now seeing the benefits of this positive transformation with a 30-40% increase in their staff engagement survey.

The Ulster Bank now have a 50/50 gender split at their Regional Board and an active RBS Women’s Network and Male Allies Group. All of which are playing a big part in creating an inclusive culture, enabling all genders to achieve their full potential.

Richard Donnan & Christine White at the Diversity breakfast
Some of the breakfast attendees

Colin McNab, Judith Gillespie & Rosemary Chapman

Founding Partners