Disabilities, Mental Health and Belonging Webinar

Disabilities, Mental Health and Belonging Webinar

Thank you to everyone that joined us today at our fourth in a series of ‘Driving Diversity in a COVID-19 World’ webinars. Danske Bank joined us to present at today’s event and openly and authentically shared their journey with ‘Disabilities, Mental Health and Belonging’. 


Today’s webinar was hosted by our Head of Business Christine White and featured the following speakers from Danske Bank – all passionate and enthusiastic about the vast benefits of Diversity and Inclusion for their colleagues and customers.

Thank you to all the panelists who spoke candidly on the challenges brought about by the pandemic, discussing how they have sought to meet those head on by collaboration, engagement and the launch of new colleague-focused initiatives to be a force for good.

Danske Bank joined us on their Diversity journey almost three years ago and were recently the 2nd organisation to have achieved the Silver Diversity Mark accreditation.

Danske Bank are moving the dial with improvements in Gender Diversity at all levels since joining us.  They submitted two well thought out wider diversity targets for their Silver award focusing on ensuring that people from the LGBTQ community and people with disabilities feel supported, accepted, and valued and able to achieve their full potential.

Thank you to Danske Bank supporting our community by sharing their learnings and good practice.

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