Meet the Diversity Mark NI Board

 Roseann Kelly – CEO, CEO of Women in Business NI

Nichola Robinson – Chair, Procurement Director at Bombardier

 Bryan Keating OBE – Vice Chair,  Managing Director at the CIP Partnership

Sir Malcolm McKibbin, Former Head of the Northern Ireland Civil Service

David Gavaghan, Managing Director of The Aurora Fund

Imelda McMillan, Staff Director at O’Reilly Stewart Solicitors

Ray Hutchinson, Managing Director at Gilbert Ash

Lesley Miller, Senior Manager at Allstate

Angela Byrne, Senior Information Technology Officer at Allstate

Gender Diversity Charter Mark NI

This Charter enables organisations to apply for a charter mark which will recognise their commitment to, and progress on, gender diversity. The Charter follows a methodology of self-assessment, target-setting and review, and it prioritises continuous progression with goals set by, and appropriate to, each individual organisation.