NI WISE Hub ‘Pulsar’ launched to promote STEM Diversity

Matrix, the Northern Ireland Science Industry Panel, has been working closely with WISE, a UK body committed to encouraging women and girls to take up careers in science and engineering, to develop a Northern Ireland regional hub aimed at showing girls that STEM careers are exciting, well-paid and fulfilling.

The hub features an interactive careers platform called “My Skills, My Life”, which will use a personality quiz to match students’ skills and interests to potential STEM careers, identify local companies who employ people with those skills and showcase profiles of hundreds of role models. This platform will also offer resources for teachers.

  • Only 15% of people currently working in STEM careers in Northern Ireland are women. But STEM careers are well paid, interesting and in-demand.
  • If we can encourage more women into STEM careers and support them to stay there, we could go a long way to solving Northern Ireland’s skills shortages.

This site promotes NI STEM role models and supporting organisations, as well as bringing together NI STEM events, resources and reports.

Matrix and WISE are looking for role models and companies to participate. A new website promoting the WISE Hub and signposting relevant organisations and events in Northern Ireland is now live. It also allows companies and individuals to register their interest in the WISE Hub. The website is named Pulsar, inspired by Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell, the Northern Ireland astrophysicist who first discovered radio pulsars in 1967.

CLICK HERE to visit the Pulsar site

DMNI Virtual Event ‘Rebel Ideas – The Power of Diverse Thinking’

We are delighted to have secured international keynote speaker Andrew Toogood of Proclaim Consulting to present at our next virtual event – Rebel Ideas, The Power of Diverse Thinking.

During this online event we will:

  • Learn how to leverage cognitive diversity as a strategic advantage
  • Discover how individuals own thinking guides the success of their team
  • Consider how teams think (and work) and the potential to make or break their organisations

Date: Wednesday 27th Jan 2021

Time: 10am – 11:30am

Place: Virtual Event (no cost to attend)

The world we operate in is experiencing volatile, uncertain and complex times. In this interactive event we will examine the power of rebel ideas and diverse thinking.

Understanding differences in thinking, and how to harness them can help teams tackle problems in new ways and increase their innovation & productivity. For organisations, building a culture of inclusion around these varied perspectives strengthens culture, builds agility in change, and ultimately drives better business results.


The event will be presented by Andrew Toogood, Managing Director of Proclaim Consulting. Andrew is an in-demand international keynote speaker, facilitator and consultant with over 20 years leadership experience. His approach is down to earth, engaging with a natural ability to motivate & inspire. Andrew gained significant commercial experience over a decade working in senior roles in Corporate Banking for a large international banking group. Experience of managing teams and clients across different countries and regions as well as development & implementation of business development strategy for global companies gives Andrew a clear insight into the issues facing leaders today.

Andrew is the only certified Whole Brain® Practitioner in NI, helping organisations leverage and apply cognitive diversity to improve business results.

Industry shines light on two of Encirc’s rising stars

Encirc started their DMNI journey in January 2020 and were awarded the Bronze Diversity Mark in April 2020 for their commitment to gender diversity. Two of their batch and furnace leaders have been recognised as young pioneers within the glass industry.

Erin Miller picked up the Rising Star award at this year’s Glass Focus Awards by British Glass, while Lara Edison won a place in The Manufacturer Magazine’s coveted Top 100 list.

Lara Edison, aged 27, Encirc’s Batch and Furnace Supervisor, has seen a swift rise in the industry. From joining Encirc on a graduate programme and getting her first job as Graduate Engineer in 2017, Lara has been promoted to her current position in which she is responsible six furnaces across Encirc’s three sites in England, Northern Ireland and Italy. 

Lara is also playing a leading role on the Glass Futures fuel-switching trial, where one of Encirc’s furnaces in its Derrylin, NI site is set to be run on bio-diesel and 95% recycled glass, to create the world’s most sustainable glass bottles.

Erin Miller, aged 25 has recently been promoted to Batch and Furnace Manager at Encirc’s Elton, UK site. Like Lara, Erin also joined Encirc as a graduate engineer, before working on a placement for Glass Futures on the fuel-switching project.

She contributed invaluable research towards this project through a report on bio-diesel by comparing the behaviours of the fuel to diesel. Her involvement significantly supported the initiation and progress of this world-first scheme.

After returning to Encirc, Erin took up new role in which she manages the two furnaces at Encirc’s Elton site. Both furnaces are the largest of their kind in the world. 

Massive congratulations to both Erin and Lara on their success.

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Gilbert-Ash celebrates Diversity Mark success

Christine White presents the Diversity Mark certificate to Maria Bradley and Ray Hutchinson

Gilbert-Ash Ltd. has become the first construction firm in N Ireland to have retained the Bronze Diversity Mark for three consecutive years.

The Bronze Diversity Mark recognises and identifies companies that have been independently assessed and have reached a high standard of commitment to advancing Gender Diversity.

The Diversity Mark NI independent assessment panel congratulated Gilbert-Ash on this achievement and acknowledged the significant progress made over the last three years in building an inclusive workplace environment to benefit all employees.

To find out how your business could benefit from joining Diversity Mark NI visit or contact Christine White

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Marking ‘100’ Diversity & Inclusion Resources & Reports

We are delighted to announce that we have created a substantial and diverse range of over 100 resources and reports to assist organisations at all stages on their Diversity and Inclusion journey.

From ground-breaking data analytical reports, webinar recordings and best practice guides we have produced a detailed library providing valuable reading opportunities to ensure that you and your organisation are up to date with the latest trends and reports.

This will be a go-to location for guidance and support when implementing your diversity and inclusion strategy, creating, or updating policies and procedures and informative for driving and initiating creative ideas within your own workforce.

Areas covered include:

  • Gender Equality
  • Ethnicity and Race
  • Age and Generation
  • LGBTQ+
  • Disabilities, Mental Health and Belonging
  • Social Mobility
  • STEM

We have also incorporated some case studies and learning tools that we feel will be beneficial and practical to you in leading the way in your sector and the wider community.

We will continue to grow our resources daily and will send new reports and thought-provoking articles in our monthly newsletters.


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Disabilities, Mental Health and Belonging Webinar

Thank you to everyone that joined us today at our fourth in a series of ‘Driving Diversity in a COVID-19 World’ webinars. Danske Bank joined us to present at today’s event and openly and authentically shared their journey with ‘Disabilities, Mental Health and Belonging’. 


Today’s webinar was hosted by our Head of Business Christine White and featured the following speakers from Danske Bank – all passionate and enthusiastic about the vast benefits of Diversity and Inclusion for their colleagues and customers.

Thank you to all the panelists who spoke candidly on the challenges brought about by the pandemic, discussing how they have sought to meet those head on by collaboration, engagement and the launch of new colleague-focused initiatives to be a force for good.

Danske Bank joined us on their Diversity journey almost three years ago and were recently the 2nd organisation to have achieved the Silver Diversity Mark accreditation.

Danske Bank are moving the dial with improvements in Gender Diversity at all levels since joining us.  They submitted two well thought out wider diversity targets for their Silver award focusing on ensuring that people from the LGBTQ community and people with disabilities feel supported, accepted, and valued and able to achieve their full potential.

Thank you to Danske Bank supporting our community by sharing their learnings and good practice.

Visit the support section of our website for recommended reading and reports.

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IQ-EQ awarded Bronze Diversity Mark

Sinead O’Conner, Senior HR Business Partner, IQ-EQ and Christine White, Head of Business, Diversity Mark NI

We are delighted to announce that IQ-EQ’s Belfast office has been awarded the Bronze  Diversity Mark.

Diversity Mark NI was established in 2016 and has more than 70 members from all business sectors across Northern Ireland. This accreditation looks to award organisations who demonstrate and highlight their commitment to advancing diversity within their workplace.

IQ-EQ, value diversity and are dedicated to creating a working environment that’s inclusive, where everyone feels safe, supported and free to be themselves. Their Group HR team has set up a D&I working group and implemented an action plan that has so far included Dignity at Work training and updated HR policies in the Group Employee Handbook.

This is only the start of their journey as they seek to implement more flexible working and to address any gender imbalances within their working environment. They are committed to equal opportunities in the provision of services and as an employer.

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Greiner Packaging UK receives Bronze Diversity Mark

Kyla McCracken. People and Culture Leader, Greiner Packaging and Christine White, Head of Business, Diversity Mark NI

Greiner Packaging UK has been awarded the Bronze Diversity Mark by demonstrating publicly their commitment to Diversity and Inclusion within their workplace. 

Greiner Packaging is one of Europe’s leading packaging manufacturers and providers of customised solutions from a single source. Operating in 30 locations in 19 different countries, the Dungannon site is leading the way with Diversity being a key strategic objective. Employing just under 300 employees and supplying UK and ROI based businesses, it is a complex business that is growing with quality and innovation being the main drivers of their success. 

“We are delighted to recognise Greiner Packaging for their commitment and dedication to Gender Diversity by awarding them the Bronze Diversity Mark.  Their application clearly met the standard for this award with creative targets to address not only under representation of women, but also men in their support functions. We are confident that this journey will assist in building working environments that are fair and inclusive to benefit everyone within the company and we congratulate everyone at Greiner on this achievement”

Christine White, Head of Business for Diversity Mark

Commenting on the award, Philip Woolsey, CEO, said:

“Our people are our most important strength as a business.  Every action that we take as individuals and collaboratively as a team, creates the results that we achieve.  Developing a team that has diversity means that we increase the capability to see more growth opportunities, bring more ideas to problem solving, increasing learning and development, and ultimately accelerate almost all aspects of our business performance.  I am proud of where our diversity is, and excited about how our new plan will enhance this over the coming years!” 

The plan for Greiner Packaging UK will initially be focussing on balancing gender diversity across the business with a number of targets including increasing the number of female colleagues in leadership positions, attracting more applications from females to their award-winning Greiner Gold Apprenticeship Scheme and increasing the number of male colleagues in their Support functions. 

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First Steps to LGBT Inclusion Webinar

Thank you to everyone that joined us today at our third in a series of ‘Driving Diversity’ events.  Today’s webinar ‘First Steps to LGBT Inclusion’ was presented by Fergal McFerran, Diversity Mark NI Independent Assessor and Account Manager at Stonewall UK.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is LGBT-1024x461.jpg

Fergal delivered an educational and extremely comprehensive presentation. 

 Some of the key learnings from this session:

  • Communicate internally and externally why you are engaging in building inclusive work environments for LGBT people – what is your purpose?
  • Focus on evaluating and making policies inclusive (family, leave, bullying & harassment policies, language) to protect and include LGBT people
  • Find ways to develop an understanding of the lived experiences of LGBT people, particularly include leaders and line managers
  • Engage with LGBT staff and be led by their needs in developing space and resource to shape the actions you engage in
  • Use data – find out what you don’t know about the experiences of your LGBT employees and focus on filling any gaps
  • Engage meaningfully with LGBT community groups to leverage their expertise and enrich your activity

Just attended Diversity Mark NI’s ‘First Steps to LQBT Inclusion” event. Many thanks to Fergal McFerran for providing one of the most informative and practical events I’ve been to in quite some time.

Thank you to Fergal for supporting our signatory organisations as as an Independent Assessor and also for sharing his expertise with our webinar delegates.

Please contact Emma Lyttle Engagement Manager at Diversity Mark NI at to request a recording of the webinar.

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