About Us

Diversity Mark NI Ltd. is the independent not-for-profit awarding body of the Diversity Mark – a mark that organisations from all sectors are using to publicly declare their commitment to Diversity and Inclusion.

The Diversity Mark accreditation process is much more than a tick-box exercise. The application framework enables organisations to identify and take action on any institutional barriers facing minorities & underrepresented groups that can impact on their career progression.  The DMNI Assessment Panel provide expert annual independent feedback to assist organisations in building workplace environments in which all individuals feel valued, are treated fairly and respectfully and have equal access to opportunities.


We will deliver diversity & inclusivity across organisations by addressing, in the first instance the gender imbalance that exists in Northern Ireland.


We aim over the next 3 years to have enough companies and organisations signed up to the Charter that it will be the ‘norm’ to have the Diversity Mark, rather than the exception for all significant and progressive organisations and businesses in Northern Ireland.

Company History

Diversity Mark NI was founded in 2016 by Women in Business NI after they launched their first manifesto with one of their four main pillars being Diversity.  The Diversity Mark, the first of its kind was developed by Women in Business NI, Queen’s University Belfast, the Northern Ireland Civil Service, Gilbert-Ash and Allstate NI and launched in September 2017.

The successful launch resulted in many local businesses signing up to be a signatory with eleven receiving the Bronze Accreditation at the first Diversity Mark Awards lunch in May 2018. 

Two years after the launch over seventy companies from all sectors have become signatories of the Charter with many having achieved the Bronze Accreditation. In June 2020 Allstate NI were the first company to be awarded the Silver Diversity Mark.

Christine White joined DMNI as Head of Business in August 2018 when the organisation had 15 signatories and she has since built relationships with many organisations resulting in a large community working towards achieving, and maintaining the Diversity Mark. Christine brings a wealth of experience to Diversity Mark NI having spent twenty years as a top performer in large corporate organisations and she is keen to make a difference to the Northern Ireland economy by working with signatories on their journey to build inclusive workplace environments.

Emma Lyttle was appointed in January 2020 in a new role as Engagement Manager.  Emma is responsible for engaging with the Diversity Mark NI signatories and enabling the sharing of best practice online events, round tables, communications, ezines, and sharing of research reports to grow a learning community focused on creating diverse and inclusive workplace cultures. 


Christine White, Head of Business

Emma Lyttle, Engagement Manager 

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Male Diversity Champions

Sir Malcolm McKibbin – Northern Ireland Civil Service, Professor Patrick Johnston – Queens University Belfast, John Healy – Allstate, Ray Hutchinson – Gilbert Ash, David Gavaghan – The Aurora Fund

Founding Partners 

Allstate, Queen’s University Belfast, The Progressive Building Society, Gilbert Ash, Belfast City Council, Deloitte, Alexander Mann Solutions

Founding Partners